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Benefits: 8mm lock in low-income groups 12mm Laminate Flooringseven industries in the world today, 8mm Laminate Flooring is increasingly shrinking market share. Floor manager of the Chengdu Branch of China Kenuo Sen Cui Yusheng told the writer that the 23 markets in Sichuan, people are still the primary election of the so-called standard 8mm plate. According to China?s market analysis, mainstream working-class is a huge group buy ?with a result? is the main consumer psychology, and 8mm the mainstream of strengthening the floor price just 40 yuan -80 element in the scope of this part of the group in our market share accounted for 30%.

Bank Chengdu branch of Friends of the floor manager of the original light of that, the floor general for the present economic conditions, home buyers, in purchasing this piece has already spent a considerable sum of money, so Decoration Will reduce the budget piece, because the cost is accounted for certain advantages, 8mm laminate flooring has become a low-consumption groups and affordable housing, low-rent housing groups preferred. Wang Jingli

Electrolux floor that ?the River House is a wholesale floor, most of the clients are selected 8mm floor.? Grammy floor, Ms. Pang said, ?8mm Laminate Flooring floor than 12mm sell, sales go well. ?According to the author to visit that, 8mm laminate flooring biggest advantage of the present in its low cost, both Project Board of choice, but also low-income consumer groups object.

Performance: 12mm lead the fashion Home ConsumptionStrengthen the market floor Sell Another variety is good 12mm of the floor. After two years of promotion and publicity, 12mm is expected to become mainstream consumer, Sichuan strengthen the floor.

Third, according to Chengdu Building Engineering Design Department Manager James introduced, the existing home decoration usually choose 12mm wide plate, whether sensory or foot feeling, than the sheet metal for as 12mm wide plate with a good visual sense and sense of space extends Therefore, such a laminated floor is widely popular with consumers.

Kenuo Sen floor Chengdu Branch Manager Cuiyu Sheng Hua analysis, a secondary market for the middle class generally optimistic Laminate Flooring 12mm, 12mm push to strengthen our main floor is the face of this part of the group, in our total sales in accounted for 70%.

I found during the visit, about 6 percent on the main push to strengthen the floor commercial flooring 12mm, 8mm floor as they project board, or standard (standard) plate. Days of the southwest region, the floor grid operations director Dong-Qing Li vividly describes the 8mm floor today?s market position, ?8mm 12mm floor secondary to the floor of the market, the equivalent of a small displacement current Car Like, Cheaper, and energy. However, according to the current market price of view, 12mm floor is the mainstream. ?Some experts predict that strengthen the flooring industry is entering a? thick ?modernism, thin floor will gradually fade out the market.

For predicting trends: 12mm into the main battlefield of quality consumerWith the now rising material and cultural life, people at home are increasing quality requirements, the floor in the purchase, consumers often look at the price, pick colors, try Jiaogan. The 12mm Laminate Flooring In these areas can meet the psychological needs of fashion consumers, therefore, 12mm start sweeping the floor Flooring Market, showing a trend to replace the floor 8mm. SITA?s flagship store general manager Sam Tan Road, 12mm multi-market-share day, 8mm laminate flooring has begun to get down.

?Objectively speaking, 12mm to increase the floor thickness to improve the foot sense of comfort while still reducing noise, in these details on, 12mm flooring help to improve the quality of life.

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